Unseen Love

29 Jun

Why we should close our eyes when we sleep?
When we cry? when we imagine?
These cause the most beautiful in the world doesn’t seen
When we found someone unique then together and fall into weird stuff called LOVE

But there is someone that we wont to release
someone who we  don’t wanna leave
But let him go is not the end of the world
But early of new life

Happiness is there for their who crying
there for their who hurt
there for their who searching
and there for their who trying
because only them who can appreciate  how important
someone who came into their life

True love is….
When u shed the tears and you still care to him
When he doesn’t care to you and you still waiting him
When he love someone and you still can smile and said ” I’m happy for you”
If love doesn’t meet
free your self and let your free
maybe you realize that sometimes we found love
and one day we will loose it
but…When love die, we don’t have to die with that love

Happiness person is not they who can get everything they want
but they who can stand up when they fall
I don’t know, in journey of your life
You learn a lot about your self
And realize that is no regrets
Your love still in heart as eternal appreciation
for your decision that you’ve made

True friend understand when u said ” I Forget”
Wait forever when u said “Wait for me”
Keep stay when you said “Leave me alone”
Open the door even though you don’t knock yet and said “can i came in”

To love someone is not how you forget him
when he made mistake but how to forgive
Is not how you listen but how to understand
is not what you see but how u feel
Is not how to release but how to survive

Is more painfully crying in heart than crying out and scream
The tears which out easy  to erase ,
tears inside will be deep hurt that never gone

Too bad, in love
We’re rare to care…
But when love is pure even though you don’t care
the love will “PURE”
And you should happy
Your heart can love someone you care
Maybe will come when you should stop love someone
Is not because he stop he stop loving us
But because we understand that person will be happier if we let him go
But if you really love someone
never let him go if he reject you
maybe he is doubting and searching

Don’t believe that release someone mean you
loving someone without compensation
Why don’t you fight for your love??
That could be your true love

Sometime people who loving you most
is someone who never tell his love
Because he afraid your gone and give barrier
If one day he’ll gone
You will realize that he is the love that you don’t realize…

~for my Sun,Star, and earth~


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Posted by on June 29, 2009 in Poem


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